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Welcome to our ever growing resource library of books, DVD's video's and software, we constantly strive to make our resource centre a source of excellence within the county of Lincolnshire, as such we encourage membership as a member if its not listed here notify CAPAAS we will often purchase your request on behalf of the resource centre. Seen something we have not got - ask us to buy it


Specialist Support Approaches to Autism Spectrum Disorder Students in Mainstream Settings


Sally Hewitt Paperback - Jessica Kingsley Publishers (Nov 2004) - 123 Pages
ISBN 1843102900 - ISBN-13 9781843102908

Specialist support approaches to autism spectrum disorder students in mainstream setting.jpg

This guide provides a range of successful teaching strategies for use with students with autism spectrum disorders and associated behavioural difficulties. The author outlines a range of cost-and time-effective methods that enable teachers to promote inclusion, improve communication in the classroom, and celebrate achievement withrewards. Suitable for use in pre-school, primary and secondary mainstream classes, these techniques also emphasize the need for a consistent working approach both at school and at home.

This is a usefulresource for those working to intergrate ASD students among their peers and encourage greater student independence while providing the support they require and are entitled to.

Sally Hewitt is a specialist support assistant of pupils with ASD's, as well as a writer. She is the author of 'Including Pupils with Autism at Break and Lunchtimes, published in 2003.

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My Family Is Different: A Workbook for Children with a Brother or Sister Who Has Autism or Asperger Syndrome

Paperback - National Autistic Society (May 2007) - 40 Pages
ISBN 1905722303 - ISBN-13 9781905722303


Sorry we presently have no picture availble.jpgA workbook for children with a brother or sister who has autism or Asperger syndrome. The aims of this book are:

To help children aged 5-8 years who have a brother or sister with autism or Asperger syndrome to understand him or her better.To encourage honest and open dialogue between family members about the impact of autism on their lives. To encourage brothers and sisters to think about ways they can help each other. To provide parents of children with autism or Asperger syndrome with a tool to help them see things from the perspective of all their children. to encourage each family member to think of themselves as special, to celebrate difference, to see the positive side of autism. This book may also be useful to other professionals working with young children who have a brother or sister with autism or Asperger syndrome. It should however only be used after discussion with parents.

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Teaching Play to Children with Autism - Practical interventions using identiplay


Teaching Play to Children with Autism: Practical Interventions Using Identiplay with CDROM: Practical Interventions Using Identiplay (Lucky Duck Books) - Nicky Phillips , Liz Beavan Taschenbuch - Lucky Duck Publishing (Jun 2007) - 80 Pages
ISBN 141292894X - ISBN-13 9781412928946

Teaching Play to Children with autism.jpg Children on the autistic spectrum and those with specfic communication disorders often demonstrate a difficulty in learning to play and a resulting isolation from their peers. The Identiplay intervention, based on the work of Beyer and Gammeltoft, promotes the development of social skills and social understanding, imagination, explration, flexibility and change. By learning these skills the young person can enjoy recipirocal play with an adult or peer.

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Helping Children with Autism Learn: Treatment Approaches for Parents and Professionals.


Helping Children with Autism Learn: Treatment Approaches for Parents and Professionals by Bryna Siegel. Taschenbuch - Oxford Univ Pr (Jul 2007) - 512 Pages
ISBN 0195325060 - ISBN-13 9780195325065

Helping Children with Autism Learn.jpg Bryna Siegel. gives parents of autistic children what they need most: hope, Her first book, The World of the Autistic Child, became an instant classic, illuminating the inaccessible minds of afflicted children. Now she offers an equally insightful, thoroughly pracital guide to treating the learning differences (which she sees as 'autistic learning dissabilities') associated with this disorder. Siegal explains how to an inventory of a child's particular disabilities , breaks down the various problems unique to autism, discuss our current knowldge about each, and reviews the existing strategies for treating them. She gives pratical guidance for fashioning a unique program for each child's problem, empowering parents to take the lead in their child's treatment. Every chapter is modularized, so parents can go striaght to the sections of the book that pertain to their child without worrying that they won't be able to understand the mateial.

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