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Poets Corner.

I have placed here just a few poems from myself and others, if you would like to have yours added to this page please email me with details, and the poem I will add to the page as soon as possible I will send confirmation once it has been added to the site.


1, Aspergers........a syndrome.

2, Untitled One.

3, My Brother.

4, If I could have a magic wand.

5, Socially Blind.

6, A different me

Aspergers ......a syndrome.



Aspergers ......a syndrome most people don't know

It's found in a place where the bravest wont go.

Happy though I long to be , locked up in myself for company.

A place set aside and for others like me.

I would like to escape, to run and to hide,

but there is no way out as I have looked and have tried.

You see, its not in a room that I find I'm confined,

Just caught up in myself - some how in my mind.

So on my own I now know that I am forced to be,

So I guess you'll not want to swap places with me.


by Steve McGuinness

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Untitled one.


Beautiful song on the wing of a bird,

most beautiful sound that i've ever heard.

If I were a bird, then i'm sure it would be, that the feeling inside

would be one that was free, taking flight to a place,

that I would want to go, then all that I feel would just make sense and go.

Its with the simple things that I struggle you see.

I would fly to a land with a knowledge pool,

so vast so emense, to understand everything, would make so much sense,

an impossible task that I ask this to be.

But one thing I will please understand me.


by Steve McGuinness

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My Brother.


My Brother

The frosty, unwelcoming stares,

The "what a badly behaved child" glares,
The tuts escaping the onlookers lips,
The interfering folk dishing out parenting tips.

Isn't it human nature to sympathise with other beings?
Why do they not understand?
Touching, Talking, Playing, Singing
Even holding my mum's out stretched hand,
It's like an ongoing battle,
Over coming everyday things,
His minds like a heavily guarded castle,
Not knowing quite when he's gonna throw an anger fling.

The constant talking about the same old things,
His playsation 2 game the lord of the rings,
It's something I've learnt to put up with,
It's just his way of learning to live.

He'll always find communicating confusing,
Aswell as "fitting in",
Sometimes I find him quite amusing,
With his clumsy in-
Ability to say exactly what he means.

This syndrome that he's labelled with,
The way in which he is,
He'll always be my little bro,
Sealed with a big kiss.

Becca Hancock , 15


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If I could have a magic wand.


If I could wave a magic wand

I'd make sure they felt like they truely belonged

I'd make sure they'd never feel alone

And have one friend call their own

If I could wave a magic wand

I'd make sure the whole world heard their song

Every verse, every line, every word

Their voice would have the right to be heard

If I was a magician

The whole world would be aware of their often lonely position.


by Ceecee.

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Socially Blind.


Socially blind in the company of you,

never quite knowing just what to do.

Every moves wrong, yet I do try to cope

I am finding it hard to make sense of your joke.

Then frustration kicks in the time I have spent,

Trying to work out what the hell you have meant.


by Steve McGuinness


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A different me.

To the beat of a different drum I shall walk, then on obscure subjects I shall talk

From another planet it seems that I must come, whilst you do whistle I shall hum.

Idiosyncrasies it seems that we have, without doing such would drive us all mad

Repetitive sequences make us feel cool, to the rest of the world are we seen as a fool?

Synesthesia is made easier when it is understood, but tasting my colours is not always good

Hearing so sensitive every pitch every sound, from high in the air from low in the ground

Autistic and proud I shall shout it out loud, and continue to stand out away from the crowd

Wanting to be on the inside yet not fitting in, taking part in a race that we never can win

Neurologically different, autistic are we, I ask you would you want to change places with me.

by Steve McGuinness



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